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Shipping with Semo

Shipping With Us.

Thank you for considering Semo Express as a solutions provider for a portion of your transportation needs.

We pride ourselves in providing safe, reliable and continuous on time service. We intend to do everything in our power to exceed your expectations of how we handle your business.

Semo Express uses the most update technical advances and systems, in the business.

All our equipment is installed with PEOPLENET with ELD's and FLEET LOCATE Trailer Tracking that enables us to track your freight at all times to meet the ever increasing demands of the shipping industry.

We also have the capability for customer tracking, plus 24/7 operations.

Our staff and management is "hands on" from pick up to delivery. 

Semo Express has a three-trailer-per-truck ratio, which allows us to establish trailer pools at the shipper and at the consignee to give the utmost in flexibility to our customers. All of our company trailers are 53’ x 102” plate trailers (101” inside).

Semo Express offers dedicated drop lot services to its customers. We also offer interplant shuttle services and dedicated peddle run deliveries.

Semo Express LLC
409 Lynual Street.
Sikeston, MO. 63801

P.O. Box 100
Toll Free: 888-481-9481
Local Phone: 573-481-9481


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