Owner Operator


Fleet Operator's

Owner & Fleet Operator's

What is the Pay?

  • Owner Operators make $1.50 a mile on all Loaded and Empty Miles.

  • Fleet Operators- Please contact for more information as Base Rate per Mile is based on how many Trucks are in your Fleet.

  • Detention Pay- 75% of Revenue Collected

  • Layover Pay-  $75 during week days and $125 on weekends

  • Stop Pay- $25 for each additional stop excluding Pickup and Final Destination

What is the Work/Home Time?

  • Drivers are out 6/7 days (as close to 70hrs as freight permits).

  • Drivers are Home for 2 Full Days (Not counting the Day they arrived at the Terminal).

    • *Drivers can request to just have off for 34hr Restart if they choose*

What are the deductions for a Owner Operator.

  • Security Deposit- We collect a $1000 Security Deposit over 10 weeks at $100 a week deduction.

  • Maintenance Deposit- This is Optional and the Owner Operator can set his own desired amount for weekly deduction.

  • License Plates- This is Optional. If the Owner Operator Chooses to Rent a License Plate, there will be a weekly deduction of $100 for a total of 18 weeks.


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