Semo Express Story.

SEMO Express LLC is a brand new company formed in June of 2007 and founded by David and Angela Richards of Sikeston, MO.


David has a long history of trucking. His family has been trucking for five generations.


In 1977, David started his career by working for his father in the maintenance shop. After two years in the shop, he started driving.


In 1981, he started his first company, an LTL cartage company. This was a partnership endeavor with his brother.


In 1984, David and his brother started the truckload carrier Reliable Freight Systems.


In 2000, David and Angela bought out his brother and changed the name to Reliable Transportation Inc.


In 2005, David and Angela sold Reliable Transportation and worked as a freight consultant and also operated a trailer leasing company.

After being out of the transportation business as owners for two years, David and Angela saw a need not being fulfilled in the Southeast Missouri market.

Former customers and employees were looking for a carrier that offered a good work environment and personalized quality service.


So in June of 2007, SEMO EXPRESS LLC was born. The company was dedicated to God and a pledge was made to always operate under Godly, biblical principles.


In 2008, Semo Express celebrated the completion of its first year in business.

The stock market crashed on September 29th, 2008. Uncertainty in the market took many companies out of business but Semo Express had a very successful year.


In 2009, Semo Express continued to grow and prosper even though many trucking companies were going out of business because of the market crash and extremely slow freight volumes.


In 2012 Semo Express celebrated the completion of five years in business. It was a successful five years and seen our size doubled since it started.


In 2012 a sister company, Transcon America LLC was started. Transcon started operating the droplot operation for Nestle Purina Petcare in Bloomfield, MO. In 2014, Transcon expanded into the warehouse business operating a 210,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Sikeston for Nestle Purina Petcare.


In 2017, Semo Express experienced two great milestones.


 In February 2017, Semo Express purchased the Pepsi property on Highway 60 and moved into our new location of 409 Lynual St. This move allowed the office and the maintenance departments to come under one roof. The new facility has over 6,000 sq. ft. of office space and 20,000 sq. ft. of shop space and will allow us to expand and grow for many years. This is an absolute blessing for us.


In June of 2017 Semo Express completes the second milestone.

Semo Express completes ten years in business and still has several of the original employees working for us.


The owners of Semo Express firmly believe that God has blessed this business from the beginning and will continue to do so until the end. Semo Express has over 100 employees and growing every day. We are glad that you decided to be part of it.


SEMO Express is looking toward the future and the part that you will play. Please join us in writing the next chapters.

Meet The Team


David Richards- Owner

David Richards started his trucking career in 1977 working in his father’s truck maintenance shop and unloading trailers on the freight dock.

He started his first trucking company, Reliable Freight Systems in 1984.

He has 40 years of trucking experience from maintenance, driving, management and 33 years of owning a trucking company.


David says he has the best job around now.  His main duties these days are, customer service, consulting for Semo Express, expanding the warehouse and 3rd party logistics operation at Transcon America LLC.


He also spends a lot of time with his grandkids at the farm teaching the grandkids how to hunt, fish, and ride four-wheelers.

His goals for the future is to teach his children how to be successful in the trucking industry and instill a good work ethic in his grandchildren.

Angela Final.jpg

Angela Richards- Owner

Angela Richards began her career in Transportation in 1997 after being a teacher for 16 years. She has 20+ years experience with her primary focus being the CFO of the company. She has worked in all aspects of the Accounting Department, Human Resources, and Safety Department. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and 3 grandchildren.  


Mike Riley-

Maintenance Manager

Mike Riley is responsible for overseeing 50+ trucks & over 160 Trailer's. His biggest focus is preventive maintenance, doing so means less down time. Mike has 12 years of experience in the trucking industry. He cares about each driver and strives to provide the best for the drivers. In his free time he enjoys family time, fishing and being involved in his church. 

Meet The Team


Bobby Chance-

Operations Manager

Bobby has been involved in the trucking industry since 1994. He has served in many different aspects of the industry, including owing his own trucks. Bobby is currently the Operations Manager for Semo Express. He oversees the day to day operations, as well as developing relationships with outside customers to obtain new lanes and business for Semo. Bobby and his wife Jennifer are lifelong residence of East Prairie, MO but are currently residing in Marion IL. In his spare time, Bobby enjoys riding Harley's, working and spending time with his wife and sons. 


Ashley Adams-

HR/Safety Manager

Ashley Adams became involved in the Transportation industry at a young age, working for her family’s trucking company, Big Lake Transport. During her 4 years with Semo Express, she has been the HR and Safety Manager. Her responsibilities include over-seeing the day to day operation of the Safety department and ensuring that the fleet is compliant in all aspects of State and Federal DOT, OSHA and MSHA Regulations. In her spare time, Ashley resides in Benton MO with her husband and daughter, Landry. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.


Keshia Glastetter-

Accounting Manager

Keshia  Glastetter is the Comptroller for Semo Express. She has 8+ years experience in the Accounting Field. Her responsibilities include over seeing the day to day operations of the Accounting Department and Managing the Financial Statements. Keshia was born and raised in Sikeston, MO and enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 boys, Ridge and Rush, during her spare time.

Meet The Team


Jay Burnett- 

Freight Planner

Jay is apart of the operations department with his primary focus on load planning, ensuring that the drivers get the maximum amount of miles.  He graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2012 with a degree in logistics and has been around trucking ever since.  In his spare time Jay enjoys deer hunting, fitness, and spending time with his beautiful wife Angie.


Chance Turner-Backhaul Coordinator 

Chance is apart of the operations department with his primary focus on coordinating backhaul freight, ensuring that the drivers get home timely to see their families.  During his spare time he enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his family and friends.


Craig Owens-

Driver Manager

Craig is apart of the operations department with his primary focus on being available and helping the drivers with anything they might need.  In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his grandson and working in his yard.

Meet The Team


Michele Winslett-

Driver Manager

Michele is apart of the operations department with her primary focus be able to provide the tools the drivers need to be successful on the road.  In her spare time she enjoys horseback riding and spending time with her family.


Kate Durbin-

Customer Service

Kate is apart of the operations department with her primary focus on Customer Service.  In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors, listening to music and spending time with her children.


Megan Parker-

Safety Department

Megan is apart of the HR/Safety department with her primary focus on monitoring drivers hours of service and helping the drivers stay compliant.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, painting and spending time with her family.

Meet The Team


Kendra White-

Payroll Coordinator

Kendra is apart of the Accounting Department with her primary focus being on making sure all payroll is correct and paid in a timely manner. 

Kendra has multiple years of experience in the accounting field. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and reading as much as possible.


Amber Newsom-

Billing Coordinator

Amber is apart of the Accounting Department with her primary focus on Billing. She works diligently with our Customers to provide correct and timely invoices. During her free time, Amber enjoys spending time with her daughter and friends. 


Derek Richards-

IT Manager

Derek Richards is the eldest son of David and Angela Richards. Derek grew up in the Transportation Industry as his whole family has been involved in Trucking for the majority of their lives. Derek has always had a interest in computers and technology. After working for several years for different IT companies, Derek brought his knowledge and experience to Semo Express as their new IT and Support Department. Derek's responsibilities include Maintaining all aspects of Semo Express Computer Systems and Servers. During his spare time, Derek enjoys playing computer games with his wife or playing with his son William.